Product Range

Medicavet offers the most economical and quick solutions to its customers producing disinfectants and feed adiditive products in addition to the veterinary drugs which are produced in GMP standards.

Quality Assurance

We take control of each process within the framework of traceability from raw materials to production, from production to customer deliveries in accordance with GMP standards.

Our Catalog

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Drug Dose Calculator

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gmpGood Manufacturing Practices-GMP is a set of protective measures for from the production to distribution at evert stage for the products of food, drugs, cosmetics, medical devices affect human health directly in safer conditions and to prevent and improve reliability.
g_iso ISO 9001 Quality Standard, we give importance to quality and quality to meet the needs to prove to your customers how you can install an effective quality system, documented and can provide guidance on how you can ensure continuity.
Customer satisfaction is keeped at the forefront to manufacture the products adgering to strict scientific rules and requirements in accordance with philosophy of Total Quality Management ISO 9001:2008

Why is Medicavet?

  • Production by adhering to scientific rules and requirements.
  • Superior quality control
  • Customer oriented approach
  • Producing disinfectants , feed additive and vaccination products in addition to the medicines.
  • Educated employees
  • Respect to the environment